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Alex Calzareth

The Aufbau Indexing Project (AIP) has been discussed mostly on GerSig
in the past few years but is also relevant for the Austria-Czech SIG.
Aufbau was a paper published by and for exiled German-speaking Jews
living around the world. Its first issue appeared in 1934. In about
1940 Aufbau began to print announcements of births, bar/bat mitzvahs,
engagements, marriages, and deaths. If your ancestors were
German-speaking, this was the paper in which they most
likely placed these important notices as the information would reach
relatives and friends now scattered around the world.

To date more than 27,000 announcements have been indexed. If you would
be interested in searching the initial results please visit the AIP
web site:

The only caution is that the entries have not yet been proofread so there may
still be a few misspellings or dates that are incorrectly formatted or
missing. One option for searching is by place of origin. Searching for
Wien and Vienna results in about 1450 matches. Place names were not
translated so one must conduct two searches if a place has a different
name in English.

Alex Calzareth
Wantagh, N.Y.

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