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1. Scott Horwitz wrote:I have been looking for any sort of lists of
Jews that may have been working for the Austrian court between 1912 -
1914. THe rumor in our family is that my ggf was a geologist or
engineer for the Austrian Court and was told by and possibly helped
by a superior to get out of Austria just before WWI.>

A name would help to verify matters - and would the Court [Royal or
legal] employ geologists? I have not heard of a big panic for Jews to
get out of Vienna ***before*** WW1 - perhaps someone will let us
know. Would help have been needed to leave? I doubt it.

Could either of these be the ancestor:
HORWITZ Emil dob 2 Dec. 1869 or Gustav dob 18 Aug. 1881

2. Dora Donis-Kester wrote: <I am also looking to verify my
ancestor's work within the Austrian-Hungarian Empire. I am
particularly interested in checking around the 1764's-on. It seems
that a cousin of my grandmother was a singer in the Court.>

Again no name - there are good records and musicology researchers in
Vienna - so he/she may be known already! There were not many Jews in
Vienna in that era - but perhaps the singing took place elsewhere?

3. Andrea Steckerl wrote: <I was told as well that my grandfather was
one who worked for the does one find out if that is true?>
Again no names, dates or location - they would be helpful .

4. Chana Saadia wrote: My late stepbrother was born in Vienna &
visited there about 15 yrs ago looking for family history. His mother
had told him that her father was a goldsmith to the court, & he found
a record-book which mentioned his grandfather's name. He sent me a
copy of a photo he took of the page, but it's in handwritten German &
very unclear - I don't know where it was located or what book it was
[it has a column for the name & a column for what was received]. I
can scan it & send to anyone who is interested.

I am sure goldsmiths and jewelers were commissioned to make
jewellery for the Royal entourage. That seems very feasible.

Please let us have more facts [names and dates] when you write in
with a query! I have heard about this fairy tale before which was
apparently told to Jewish children in Vienna and probably elsewhere -
namely that members of this family worked for the Royal Court.

A convenient and quick answer to children who ask: "where have we
come >from [geographically] and why did we come to Vienna?
Every child would be satisfied - after all, the Kaiser was supreme.

Celia Male [U.K.]

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