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Paul Silverstone

Thank to all who replied to my question. Apparently sunset in Winnipeg in
early September is shortly after 8 pm, so the time set for the marriage,
6pm,would be plenty of time before Shabbat began.
Paul Silverstone

Moshe & Joyce Dreyfuss wrote:

You wrote:

in the Winnipeg Tribune of September 2, 1890 describing the
wedding of my grandparents Moses Finkelstein and Sarah Rosen.
This article reported that the marriage ceremony took place on
Friday evening at the Synagogue at 6 pm.
It also stated that the bride and groom fasted for the day
preceding the ceremony.
Fasting before a wedding is typical and expected in orthodox ceremonies.
Unfortunately, you did not indicate whether this was an orthodox wedding.

Friday ceremonies are unusual but check the time for sundown. It is
possible in Winnepeg that sundown in early Septembercan be as late as8 to
9 pm so the wedding would be during the day.

Moshe Dreyfuss
Paul Silverstone
New York

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