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This message is to clarify the procedure to obtain a death certificate in
Buenos Aires, because last weeks some persons asked the obtention of these
certificates as a favour.
Really this kind of favour will cost a lot of money >from any pocket...
I made this kind of favour some times but no more...
In very few times I received a book as a gift but in the mayority of the
cases ...
The procedure is the following (beside you can see some information in our
file in jewishgen, but it was modify by the current authorities)
You need to live in the area of any one of the 14 centers of Registro Civil
and show a cetificate of address, it is showed with the antional
identification docuemnt or with a police cetification, it cost 10 dollars if
you are >from other city or you are living in a hotel
When you are accepted you can ask the certificate, then you must pay $20
dolares to search if you dont has the exact information in what Book, File
and Page it is registered, with the exact date is not enough but without
exact date or at minimum the year, it is not searched. So in 90% of the
cases you must pay the $20.
One week later (three working days minimum), if you are afortunatelly, the
certificate is ready and you must pay other $15, but the chance is 50%. Last
week I asked two certificates for a fellow in Australia, they are a couple,
only the woman appeared, but not the husband. They said "He is
not registered" and you lost the $20 and your time. I gave the exact date,
his address and name but they said "He is not registered" again... despite I
had the information >from the cemetery record, they said perhaps he was
registered in the Province of Buenos Aires, since the cemetery is in that
place...No any claim...
To go to La Plata in Province of Buenos at 65 km of our city requires more
than half day and a lot of money, you must go also twice and pay there the
new fee.
Is better to hire an agency to do it, they charge a lot of more money for
each certificate.
We fixed for our time an small charge to cover the expenses but really it is
not enough, so my idea is to decline future requirements to obtain
I will suggest to hire an agency but we dont give any information about any
agency, because the result will be the same. Only we will accept
exceptionally the order with the agreement that they lost the money without
any claim if the certificate will not appear.
Hope to be clear
Paul Armony
Asociacion de Genealogia Judia de Argentina

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