Desperately Seeking Margot SCHWARZSCHILD born 1922 Eisenberg, Germany #general


My distant cousin Alma GOLDSCHMIDT, an only child now in
her eighties, born in Germany who escaped aged 20 to the USA without
her SCHWARZSCHILD parents during WWII, is looking
for her nearest relative and first cousin Margot SCHWARZSCHILD.
Margot is also related to me.

She has searched once before for Margot, but
discovered nothing and has now given me written
permission to look for her nearest relative again.

Margot was the daughter of Alma's paternal uncle,
Julius SCHWARZSCHILD of Massenheim, now Hochheim
am Main, near Frankfurt, Hesse and Alma believes
she came to England with the Kindertransport circa 1937/8.

Margot was born in 1922 in Eisenberg near Worms. Alma knows
nothing more of her besides that she was on a Kindertransport
for refugee Jewish children, so of course it may be Margot went on to
live in any of a number of countries or settled in England.

The family is as follows:

Mina STERN (born July 11 1855 Heppenheim-1930
Massenheim, now Hochheim am Main, Hesse, Germany)
married Moses SCHWARZSCHILD (1845 Massenheim-1921
Gustav (1883 Massenheim-1942) married Juliane (Julie)
LOEWENSTEIN. Both murdered Auschwitz-Birkenau
One daughter Alma (born 1919 Massenheim)
Kurt (1914 Massenheim-1990 Jersey City New Jersey)
married Lily
Siegfried (?Massenheim-?) No children
Julius (?Massenheim-?). One daughter Margot (1922 Eisenberg,
near Worms)
Frieda (?Massenheim-?) married Sol LOEWENSTEIN. Children
Martha married Herman BAUM.

To say Alma would dearly love to find Margot would be an understatement.
If anyone has any information, please do contact me.

Alice Josephs

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