Re: Death Certificates in Buenos Aires - Argentina #general

Rob Weisskirch <rweisskirch@...>


I have gotten Death Certificates >from Argentina several times. If you check
the InfoFile on Argentina it will give you the address.

What you want is a "certificada de difuncion" and you should give a date and
have the correct office for the certificate. It makes a difference if the
death was in the city of Buenos Aires versus the province of Buenos Aires.
I sent them an American check and a letter in Spanish for $15.

The certificate contains the deceased, age, birthplace, citizenship status,
spouse with the same information. It also includes the parents' names and
nationality as well as grandparents names and nationality. It is a wealth
of information for a small price.

Rob Weisskirch
Brea, CA

"J. Terry" <jterry@...> wrote in message
Dear Fellow Researchers

Has anyone had the need to obtain a Death Certificate >from Buenos Aires,
Argentina? I have found a Death Notice dating back to 1937 and now need
verify that this Person was definitely an Ancestor. She died in Buenos
Aires and the Family etc. lived in Warsaw. If I could obtain her Death
Certificate, it might state her Parents names and her Husband name and
her Offspring!!

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