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Norman Feldman <felvelnic@...>

My father, born in the Ukraine in 1880,spoke approvingly of his strength
and good health being due to all the cod liver oil he drank when he was
growing up, glasses full,he said. Still, he died at age 63.

Norman Feldman
Albuquerque, NM

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From: Kirsten Gradel < kmgradel@... >

It must be Rickets caused by lack of D-vitamin. Before the 1920s
nutritionel Rickets caused considerable health problems, special in towns
in the temperate zones. Insufficient exposition to sun (climate,
clothing, long work hours) and lack of vitamin-D-containing food (milk,
egg and other animalic foods) resulted for children in deformity of the
bone structure, bad teeths, a general bad health susceptible to
infections and pneumonia. For grown-ups in painfull osteomalaci. In the
Stetl it must have been well known.
Cod liver oil rich on D-vitamin was a cheep and available product. The
daily spoonful was a widespread and very sound advice, but the
taste...awfull. My mother had her nursing education in the 1920s when all
the new knowledge about vitamins abounded, and she had a "bee in her
bonnet" about vitamins. Till we were 19 (and left town) my sister and I
only twice managed to escape in the morning without having swallowed that
horrid spoonful!

Kirsten Gradel
I would like to determine the correct medical terminology for a
"dangerous" disease known as "Skruplitzni". In Lithuania, the home
remedy for this was eggnog and fish oil or "lebertran". In fact, a
spoonful of the "lebertran" was swallowed daily.

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