Genealogical Protocol #general

Dorothy Kohanski <dkohanski@...>

I must agree with cousin Dick Plotz that we should not impede the free
flow of information. (Where would _we_ have been, Dick, with our mutual
and growing trees, without living cousins?) Besides, information is so
readily available about almost anybody these days, that cutting off
genealogical information would not prevent the very real problem this
"Information Age" has created. Hopefully, the technological safeguards
will be found, without cutting out the free exchange of data that is so
helpful to us. On the other hand, mis-information, as was pointed out
by another genner, can be a serious genealogical headache to correct.
It is probably not possible to get everyone to follow common sense
rules, such as checking before hitting the "send" button. Too much to
expect >from human nature!
Dorothy Kohanski
Laguna Woods, CA

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