Providing Genealogical information #general

ronald Wallace

I applaud Dick Plotz' comments about the paranoia that seems to be among
some of us about disclosing genealogical information about others. Yes
indeed, there are some security risks, in this unfortuantely criminal world
in which we live, but what is the basis of genealogy? What has held us as a
religion together for so many many generations. FAMILY is the one pillar
that has maintained Judaism through the ages in spite of all the obstacles
and hostility we have faced.

In this modern age, where assimilation is a fact of life, and where facts
about the past become faded and harder and harder to recall, we must
maintain what we can. What are we genealogists doing what we do for? I don't
know about others of my generation (born in the 40's), but I have only one
motivation, and that is to provide my children and their children with a
sense of heritage, and where they all come from, and some of the history
behind that heritage.

As a person of German origin married to someone of joint Dutch/English
heritage, the history is as diverse as it can be, and any attempt to prevent
us >from pursuing this goal would be most unfortunate. It is sad indeed, that
even cousins seem reluctant to assist in this goal. I feel sorry for them,
as they will lose everything in the long run.

I hope any restrictions, never come to pass.

Ronald Wallace

Mendham, NJ

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