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<< Yes, then and now, it is common practice to bury these babies in a
section all their own. Frequently, these burials are in a "special"
part of the cemetery designated specifically for the burial of
infants. Apparently it is a "good move" for the business of burials,
because the interred bodies are so small that they can fit more of
them in a smaller area. I know it sounds crass to even mention such
things, but cemeteries are, after all, businesses.
==To my knowledge, Jewish cemeteries are "a business" only in the USA. In
Europe and in Israel they were and are organized by the local Jewish
community(ies) and are non-profit. Infants are buried in small graves not
to enhance profits but because the size of the cemetery available to Jews
was limited; I would assume that the price of an infant plot, even in the
USA, is less than that for an adult plot.

Michael Bernet, New York

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