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Charles O'Neill <cponeill@...>

Irene Newhouse wrote:

I have searched the web, checked at the only office supplies megastore in
the area & contacted one of the premier suppliers of archival storage
materials. No one seems to have protective sleeves for legal size
paper. I can get 11" x 17", but I'd rather not, if I can get a closer

Does anyone know of a source of sleeves for legal size paper? My
documents are >from Germany, and are actually 8.5" by 12", but 8.5" x 14"
is a whole lot closer than 11 x 17!

Thanks in advance,
Irene Newhouse
Kihei HI
Thought I'd share the results of my search for A4 size page protectors
(these are the right size for the certificates issued by the European

I found some manufactured by ....., the manufacturer of page protectors
and similar products... They do not sell retail. Their web page, which
is not particularly helpful, is at: ...However, the page does lead you to
a mail-order retailer, ..., which handles their products.

You can order their products >from ...You can order >from any office supply
house who carries ... Products. I ordered mine >from ..., which handles
the Maryland and Virginia areas.
Their web page is ... Their Sales e-mail is...

...heavyweight polypropylene (archival quality) A4 size page protectors
are their catalog no. .... They cost in the neighborhood of $10.00 for a
box of 50.

Charles O'Neill
Virginia Beach, VA

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