List #5 JGFF bounced e-mail addresses #general

Carol Skydell <skydell@...>

Here's List this point we're up to posting the names of
a total of 500 people who did not update their e-mail address
information in the JGFF. We also appreciate hearing >from any
'genner who knows a person to be deceased.

We normally do not post long lists of names, but we need
the help of you all. In our recent mailing announcing the
availability of certain privacy procedures to all listed in the
JGFF we sent nearly 40,000 individual e-mails. Just less than
600 bounced...not a bad percentage, but if your name is on this
list, you cannot be contacted by a researcher who may be tracing
the same surname.

If your name is on the list below, that's a 100% failure as well
as for the person trying to reach you.

We ask your indulgence here. Please, scan these names
carefully. If your name is on List #5 below, go directly to the
JGFF, select the "Modify" icon and correct your e-mail address.
Read it over carefully, is it complete? Have you spelled the
domain correctly? One wrong or misplaced letter and it goes to
the dreaded Mailer Daemon.

To access "Modify" you need your JGFF researcher code and
password. If you have forgotten either, or both, all is not
lost! <grin> Select the "Search" icon in the JGFF and search on
any surname you entered into the database. Next to your name,
or right under it you will see a number in parenthesis...that's
your researcher code. We suggest you write it down in your
address book, or tape it to your computer. If you remember your
password, you are now able to enter the "Modify" section, select
the first option to modify your e-mail address. If you still
have a numeric password, you can change it to a word you will

If you do not remember your password, here's how to get it:
send an e-mail to password@... include your full
name, your postal address and your researcher code. Your
password will be returned to you. We suggest you tape this
onto your computer as well!

While in the JGFF "Modify" mode, read the privacy options
available and make your selection. Be sure to scroll down to
the bottom of the page and click on Update Researcher Details
Thanks everybody for your patience and please read through List
#5 below. If your name appears, we trust you will correct the
bad e-mail address and as soon as you do, please send a message
to jgffhelp@... and tell them you have corrected the
problem. Many names will have appeared on the previous list,
but that is because there are duplicate entries. Please bear
with us we are trying to clean this entire listing so that the
e-mails are current.

Do not send your corrections to me....there is no secretarial
staff at JewishGen to do for you what you are expected to do for
yourself...i.e. keep your e-mail address current.

Anderson, Genna Lewis
Bergenfeld, Lawrence O.
Biundo, Laurie Haft
Boehm, Mary
Alima, Louise Highkin
Andersen, Peter
Bazar, Norman
Bellecci, Pauline
Blumenfeld, Jayne Rothman
Boef, Ron
Bomberg, Neil
Bond, Maria L.
Brown, Rhonda
Coburn, Rosalie Rich
Cohen, Bruce M.
Dembe, Steven J.
Desman, Robin
Dorr, S
Erde, Richard
Feldstein, Howard
Forstot, Richard
Fox, Jeffrey
Franzblau, Carl
Frederick, Ronald J.
Freedman, Richard
Gelbard, Reuven
Gieler, Peter
Gieler, Peter M.
Gilbert, Peter
Goldschmidt, Perla
Goldsmit, Raquel
Goret, Robin
Grangeiro, El Saraiva
Grangeiro, El Saraiva
Gregory Steven Aaron
Hartman, Judah
Hasman-Judd, Rebekah
Hershtein, Perla
Hevesi, Jerry
Hirschhorn, Sandra M.
Hurwich, Robyn Jana
Innes, Patricia
Kahn, Shmuel Aharon
Kamanitz, Robert
Katz, Allan M.
Koch, Oistein
Ladu, Raffaele
Lasky, Rhonda
Lattey, Peter
Latzer, Robert
Leendertse, Jessica Mulis
Leinson, Salomon
Levine, Irving
Lipson, Melvin A.
Lishinsky, Nancy
Lowensteyn, Peter
Lowy, Mary Lisbeth
Maller, Nathan
Marzari, Renato
McLarty, Tracy M.
Mendez, Noemi
Moneta, Ronit
Moses, Robert Jeffrey
Neumann, Suzanne
Paparo, Frank
Pardes, Ram
Peisahovich, Maxim
Pelser, Stephen B.
Peltzman, Jon
Phillips, Ali
Pomerants, Rebecca
Porile, Miriam E.
Prero, Michael Dwayne
Price, Nicole L.
Rapoport, Vitaly
Resnik, Ephraim
Ringer, Sharon
Saffer, Reuben
Salas, R. Pito
Salenger, Myra Ellen
Savitz/Bourgin, Sam
Scher, Marcelo
Shafir, Ruven
Shulman, Edit
Siegel, Elaine H.
Singer, David
Stercowski, Beni
Streisant, Renee
van Frank, Ray
Wagner, Joanne
Weindruch, Robin
Wertheimer, Marika
West, Barbara Vendig
Wilhelm, Nancy Beck
Worth, Jenny
White, Ruth
Ziebert, Robyn S.

We appreciate your review of the above list and hopefully lots
of corrections will result <grin>

Carol Skydell
JewishGen Operations

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