Re: Town Suchego Lipia-where? #general

Joe Armata <armata+@...>

You want Suchelipie, about 5 miles east of Zolkiewka. On the
modern map I have it's one word, but it may have been two words in the
past: Suche Lipie (>from Suche=dry, and Lipie >from lipa=linden tree). Since
it's composed of two words, both words change their endings as needed by
the grammar, so in a phrase like ">from Suche Lipie" it would change to
"Suchego Lipia".

Joe Armata

On 18 Jul 2000, Kirsten Gradel wrote:
In 2 death records >from Zolkiewka (Krasnystaw district, Lublin province,
Poland) I have come across a name of a town that I can't find, neither
on my fairly detailed map or in Sthetl-seeker. I have tried different
spellings, also with soundex search. In the index the name was
Suchegolipa in a good, readable handwriting, in the actual records it
was spellt Suchego Lipia, same handwriting.

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