Re: Town Suchego Lipia-where? #general

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>


In ShtelSeeker this town is identified as
SUCHELIPIE 5054 2257 N Poland 125.3 miles SE of Warsaw
But in other Polish geographical atlases it is written in two separate
words as Suche Lipie (dry linden).Town is is also listed in Gary
Mokotoff's WOWW gazzeteer.

Alexander Sharon
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"Kirsten Gradel" <kmgradel@...> wrote:

In 2 death records >from Zolkiewka (Krasnystaw district, Lublin province,
Poland) I have come across a name of a town that I can't find, neither on
my fairly detailed map or in Sthetl-seeker. I have tried different
spellings, also with soundex search. In the index the name was
Suchegolipa in a good, readable handwriting, in the actual records it was
spellt Suchego Lipia, same handwriting.

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