Re: Jewish Genealogy Seminar #general

Art Hoffman <arthh@...>

Speaking for myself, it was a great conference. There were many
outstanding lectures. Like many, I spent lot's of time at the Morman Family
History Library scanning numerous microfilms for passenger lists, census
information, and naturalization papers. I got copies of my paternal
grandfather's naturalization papers and was surprised to see that an uncle
was one of his witnesses. He got his citizenship as a student, only a few
weeks before his father. I also found out my mother's birthplace and other
information about my maternal grandfather >from the 1920 census. All in all,
it was a very rewarding experience to learn so much about genealogy in
general as well as the above information about my families.

I also gathered lot's of information for friends about their families and
their interests.

I thought the lecture by Dr. Hammer about Jewish DNA was the most
interesting. He will have a website to report on his continuing studies of
the DNA testing he did on the attendees at the conference. I recommend that
you watch for this. He said he would post in either this newsgroup,
JewsishGen, or the Conference website with updates.

Burton Schreiber <schreibb@...> wrote :

The SLC seminar has come and gone(?) and it sounds as if no one was there.
Or are they so engrossed in what they learned there, that they have not
found time to tell us how great, or whatever, it was.
Burt Schreiber
FT Myers, FL

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