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Roberta Sheps <roberta_l_sheps@...>

Dear Eric,

The Jewish Yearbook published in England lists all of the Chief Rabbis
of Britain (more accurately, the Chief Rabbis of the United Hebrew
Congregations of the [British] Commonwealth, which did not, in Great
Britain in the 19th century include Reform or Ultra Orthodox
synagogues]. There were only 3 chief rabbis in the 19th century:
Solomon Herschell (1802-1842), Nathan Marcus Adler (1845-1890) and
Hermann Adler (1891-1911). Unless Simon Stock had changed his name it
does not seem likely that he was a son of one of these men.

I don't know how helpful the office would be, but you could try writing
to the Office of the Chief Rabbi at Adler House, 735 High Road, London
N12 0US and asking if they have more detailed biographical information
that would either confirm or refute this family rumour.

The other branches of Judaism have their own organisation and
hierarchies, but their religious leaders are not referred to as Chief

Roberta Sheps
Colchester, England wrote:

My great grand aunt, Regina (Greenberg) Stock (c. 1866-1948), married
Simon Stock. Simon was rumored to be the son of the Chief Rabbi of London
and/or England. Any way I can find out more information about this
rumor? According to family legend, Simon rebelled against the strictures
of orthodoxy and left England for the US. I do not know Simon's age, but
his wife, Regina was born c. 1866 and I presume Simon immigrated before
1913, the year of birth of their first child.

Eric J. Ellman
N. Bethesda, MD

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