How many of us wonder how lucky we are? #general

Rica Goldberg

Almost every single day I remind myself how much luckier I am than my

For example, my maternal grandfather came to England when he was a boy of
15 (I believe) to escape going into the army in Russia (Lithuania).
Similarly, so did two of his brothers. I constantly remind myself that
their mother never saw them again, never saw their children (her
grandchildren), never heard their voices (I am sure they did not have "cheap"
phone calls (!!!) - they did not even have a telephone in the 1890's, did
they?). The only contact they would have had for the rest of their parents
existence would have been by letter and I am sure that they would have been
'thin on the ground'.

Compare this to me. We have a daughter, son-in-law, and five grandchildren
who have lived in Jerusalem for more than 10 years. We miss them so much
but we visit them and they visit us. Now that we both have "cheap" phone
calls abroad, we speak almost daily. We speak before Shabbat, after Shabbat
and during the week. This morning I telephoned and it was answered by my
17 year old grandson. I had a conversation with him but his mother was
not at home. Ring her on the "pele" (mobile) phone he said. I telephoned
her on her mobile, she was with a friend out shopping and I spoke to her.
Later I rang the house and spoke with my 15 year old grand-daughter. I
asked her about her activities; what she wanted to eat when she visits us
in three weeks time, and where she wanted to go. When I put down the phone
I again reminded myself how much more fortunate I was than my great
grandmother who would never have seen her sons again or met their off-springs.
And we have more contact still. We have e-mail, and some of us might even
be lucky to be set up with cameras connected to our computers.

I never loose sight of how much luckier I am than my great grandparents.

Rica B Goldberg
Manchester, England

Still researching the following:

1)KAMINSKY (KAMENSHCHIK ?) >from Yanova ( Jonava) nr Kovno,Lithuania

2)DIAMOND (DIMONT or DIAMONT) >from Kovno, Lithuania; 3) Newman, Emannuel,
Rachel & Esther LEVY and their parents Chana & Yehuda LEV from
KROSNIEWICE in Poland; 4) Isaac & Rebecca COHEN - Poland; 5)Chaim and
Rebecca ESTRY - a glazier >from Poland; 6)GOLDBERG ( SCHELENGER ? or in
Yiddish SCHLUZITSIL) >from Kovno, Lithuania; 7) BERLINSKY >from ????;

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