GREENBERG Surname #general


Frank - b. Poland, d. Texas
Married Sprincey Aberams - b. Russia, d. Louisiana

Their Children:

2 unknown children, both died before mid 1900
Ben - b. Poland, d. Texas (married Jennie Greenberg)*
David - b. ?? , d. Texas (married Celia Greenberg)*
* - Jennie and Celia were sisters
Jacob - b. Poland, d. Texas (married Rose Goldstein)
Sadie - b. Illinois, d. Texas??
Annie - b. Illinois, d. Texas??
Rose - b. Illinois, d. ?? (married ?? Moskowitz)
Dorothea - b. ??, d. Texas? (married ?? Bushman)
Gertrude - b. ??, d. Texas (died at age 23)

***Second wife of Frank, was "Fannie". All I know is that they married
after June 1916.

Denise Feldman Mumphrey
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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