GOLDSTEIN Surname #general


Harry - b. ??, d. Texas
Married: Fannie Goldsmith - b. ?? , d. Texas*

*Fannie was murdered by a man robbing their family store. I have several
articles >from the paper (the original ones), however, havent been able to
find out if the man was ever captured and convicted. Any suggestions?

Their Children:

Sara - b. New York, d. Texas (married Sol Zablidowsky)
Louis - b. New York, d. ?? (no marriage info avail)
Rose - b. New York, d. Texas (married Jacob Greenberg)
Abe - b. New York, d. Texas (first wife, unknown - second wife: Clara Belle
Baby Boy - b. New York (died at birth)
Mary - b. New York, d. ?? (married ?? Springer)
Esther - b. Texas d. Texas (died at age 1 month)
Morris - b. Texas d. Texas (married Ida Sarah *Euckie* Goldstein)
Esidore - b. Texas d. ?? (no marriage info avail.)
Sam "Red" - b. Texas, (possibly still living, cant make contact with him if
so, and he never married)
Helen - b. Texas, d. Texas (married James Luquette)
Baby Boy - b. Texas, d. Texas (died at birth)

Denise Feldman Mumphrey
Baton Rouge, Louisiana
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