Re: Confidential information #general

Herb <hvb@...>

How about a simple little thing like "mother's maiden name"? A key to
lots of credit card and bank access.

Items that are public record may not be as "in-your-face" accessible as
a posted genealogy that can be found with almost any search engine...

It's a shame that we have to even think about such things ...

- Herb Van Brink
Woodland Hills, CA

NTill10123@... wrote:

I've been reading the interesting comments, both sides of the argument,
regarding confidential information concerning those living. I'm not sure
what information they are discussing. I list birth, bar or bat mitzvah and
marriage. All of that information is a matter of public record and is long
as the record is accurate you are not doing anything illegal, immoral or
wrong when you publish the information that has already been made known. The
newspaper publishes births and marriages, they are not doing anything wrong
therefore you as a genealogist are not doing anything wrong by further making
the information public.

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