Re: Holocaust and JOSEPH Family, Berlin #general


I am searching for any possible Holocaust survivors >from this family. If any
of these names are familiar, please e-mail me personally.

Descendants of Josef Joseph

1. Josef Joseph, b: April 05, 1861 d: November 25, 1937 in
Berlin, Germany Occupation: tailor

2. Victor Joseph, b: November 25, 1888 d: February 28, 1942
in Berlin, Germany Burial: Weissensee Cemetery, Berlin, Germany
Occupation: tailor +Gertrude Schultz

3. Ruth Joseph, b: April 11, 1916 d: in LODZ +Claus Lewy d: in Lodz

3. Heinz Joseph b: October 27, 1919 d: in Auschwitz
+Ingrid Zettlin, b: August 05, 1923 d: in Auschwitz

4. Gad Joseph aka: Godfrey Josef Jacobsen b: October 22,
1942 in Berlin, Germany d: 1980 in Fairport, New York

Thekla Stein Nordwind
Scottsdale, Arizona

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