A "watcher". #general

Rica Goldberg

Dear Sherry

My guess is that a"watcher" noted in burial papers supplied by the Beth Din,
is someone who sits with the body >from the time of death until the time of
the procedure prior to burial.

In Jewish law, a body has never to be left alone until burial as described
above. When my mother passed away in a hospital room a few years ago, my
husband, son, late brother-in-law and my nephew took it in turn to "sit" with
the body. My husband also did this together with a list of people, for a
friend of ours who (prematurely) passed away.

Rica B Goldberg
Manchester, England

Still researching

1)KAMINSKY (KAMENSHCHIK) >from Yanova ( Jonava) nr Kovno, Lithuania
2)DIAMOND (possibly DIMONT or DIAMONT) >from Kovno, Lithuania; 3) Newman,
Emannuel, Rachel & Esther LEVY and their parents Chana & Yehuda LEV >from
KROSNIEWICE in Poland;4)Isaac & Rebecca COHEN-a tailor and tailoress
from Poland;5)Chaim and Rebecca ESTRY- a glazier >from Poland;
6)GOLDBERG (possibly SCHELENGER/SCHLUZITSIL) >from Kovno,Lithuania 7)BERLINSKY >from ??

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