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Gloria Bailey <auletta1@...>

For death certificates in New York, don't forget the Family History Library
(the Mormons). I just looked up your certificate and it can be found on
film number 2132430. It says "Vault", but I presume you can still borrow it
from your local Family History Library. It might be faster than mailing to
New York City which I understand often takes 6 months or more

Cert. no. 21710-23370, 2-26 Nov 1939 VAULT US/CAN Film 2132430

Good Luck.

Gloria Auletta Bailey
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Subject: Re: N.Y. Death Certificate
From: "Diane Jacobs" <kingart@...>
Date: Fri, 28 Jul 2000 10:07:22 -0400
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Write to the Municipal Archives , 31 Chambers St. , New York, NY
(zipcode unknown). I believe it costs $5.00 if you know the certificate
number. In any case send them all the information. You may want
to check the info files on Jewishgen to get the latest information.

Diane jacobs
New York

My uncle, MARGOLIS, Jacob age 61 died 15 Nov.1939 Kings County, New York
certificate # 22770.
Can someone let me know how and where I can obtain a copy of this
certificate? I hope to find out where he was buried and possibly other
information about other family members.
kindly reply privately to Hy Margolis : hymar2@...
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