Yiddishland #general


Due to the publicity this past week about Yiddishland I purchased a copy. I
will join the praises of those who
wrote. It an excellent book but does have it's faults. The copy along the
bottom of the pages is much to small, old tired eyes will need a magnifying
glass. And I did find some errors in translation (for example around page 46
there are 2 men, the translation does not correspond with the names under the
pictures). All in all, I feel I made a great investment and it is a positive
within my genealogy library.

I have an old picture taken of my mother and her family. In the picture the
walls of their home look like it may be a log cabin. Not knowing for sure I
never commented about the house. In Yiddishland I found 2 picture of streets
within Shtetls with house built in that style. To me that one picture was
worth the cost of the book.

Norm Tillman Albany, NY

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