SLC Conference Refund #general

Howard Margol

Subject: SLC cancellation?
From: Miriam Margolyes < 75342.3217@... >
Date: Sat, 29 Jul 2000 01:24:27 -0400

I was forced through work to cancel my attendance at the
SLC recent Conference. I had sent in full my registration fee
& when I cancelled, I asked that the "bag of goodies" which
is given to all delegates, be sent to me & I was prepared to
forgo the rest of any refund.

I have not received a refund.
I have not received the bag of goodies.

Can anything be done?

Best-Miriam Margolyes
Santa Monica
born in the UK
email: 75342.3217@...

MODERATOR NOTE: Write to the IAJGS, organizers of the conference. The
e mail address of Howard Margol, President, is HOMargol@...>>

I am not trying to "pass the buck" but I do not have the keys to the vault.
Anyone asking for a refund of any kind, in connection with the recent SLC
conference, should contact the IAJGS Treasurer, Marilyn Natchez MRNatchez@...
Thank you.

Howard Margol
President, IAJGS

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