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Again, I have no interest, commercial or otherwise, but I think that
it's unfair to say that there are only one or two programs that handle
Hebrew. We use both Brother's Keeper and Family Tree Maker, and both
of them have no problem, at least under Win 95/Win 98 Hebrew Enabled,
in handling Hebrew names.

The statement was a bit sweeping.....:)


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I cannot comment on Ilanot, the only Hebrew oriented package,
because they would not provide any sort of trial or demo of their
software for review. At this time, it is the only one capable of
easily printing in Hebrew (assuming you have the fonts available).
I realize that JewishGen cannot advertise or advocate specific
software packages and I am not doing so now. At the same time I
don't think it is fair for JewishGen to publish a statement such as
the above without checking thoroughly. There is another package for
Jewish genealogy called DoroTree which, while not perfect, does
provide for many of the needs of the Jewish genealogist. The
current version is 1.55 and more revisions can be expected. More
information can be found on its website:

Needless to say I have no interest, commercial or otherwise, in
DoroTree except as a potential user.

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