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Dear Gentlepeople,

While searching for documentation of my grandfather, Harry Schorr
MD (1905 - 1937, son of Sally Adler Schorr 1887 - 1965 and
Moshe/Morris Schorr 1872 - 1949), I accidently got ahold of copies
of documents for some other Harry Schor[r]s. If they seem to
belong to your roots, please let me know, because I'd be happy to
pass them along to a good home:

1) a birth certificate for Harry Schor, son of Jake and Rosie, born in
Manhattan in 1905

2) a 1930 Queens marriage certificate for Harry Schorr (son of
Hyman and Matilda, born in Austria) and Bella Rozenzwieg
(daughter of Nathan and Becky, born in the US)

3) a 1928 Brooklyn marriage certificate for Harry Edwin Schorr (son
of Albert and Catharine, born in Brooklyn) and Ethel Victoria Roth
(daughter of Albert and Anna, born in Brooklyn). This was this
Harry's second marriage.

4) An obituary notice >from the 11/10/64 Times (presumably the NY
Times) for Harry Schorr, husband of Rose, father of Leon and
Sheldon, brother of Irving, Rose and Frieda, grandfather of Paul,
Perry and Rochelle.

Stay safe and warm,


looking for NYC-area Henry, Samuel, Harry & Monroe ADLER;
Ruth APPLEBAUM; Ruth BLOOM; Lillie/Lillian SATZ; Celia
SCHORR; Harry SCHORR MD; and the actors Sally &
Morris/Moshe SCHORR

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