Barnard AARONSON #general


Someone in the family sent me a yellowed undated obituary >from a Boston
paper under the headline "Barnard AARONSON, Prominent Hebrew, Died Today,
Boston". He was the son of Rev. Aaron Aaronson. It appears that Mr.
Aaronson was a justice of the peace in Portland as well as a merchant. He
died at the age of 78 and was survived by his children Mrs. Victoria
Davidow of NYC, by a brother Abram Aaronson of Sanford, by two sisters
Mrs. Ratshesky of Boston and Mrs. J.H. Wolf of Portland. His last
residence was 137 Crawford St, Roxbury. An Isadore Aaronson married into
my family in the late 1800s and presumably there is a direct connection.
Does this strike a bell. Many thanks. Ed Kroll, Israel

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