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Dear Jenners,

I just spent a fruitful couple of hours at my local LDS library going
through ship manifests. I think I found my ggrandfather listed as a
passenger on the "Rugia" inbound to New York >from Hamburg and Le Havre.
The ship docked in NY on March 16, 1891. Unfortunately, the only
information provided on the manifest was his age, country and most recent
city of residence, country of destination and his "profession". Was
additional information sought >from new immigrants and if so, would it be
available some place else, such as in Ellis Island or its predecessor? I
was hoping to find the name of the person meeting the ship, his
destination within the US, etc.

Any help you could provide will be much appreciated.


Elizabeth Shamroth

Searching: SCHWARTZ-Lithuania, BARJANSKY,

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