Researching: GEIDUSCHEK #austria-czech

Ellie <ellie.carson@...>

My family name is Geiduschek, Gajdusek. My ggf had a taxi service
(stellwagen) between Bockfliess and Vienna. My gf owned a restaurant in
Jihlava and my father and mother had a variety store in Jihlava. My parents
excaped to the States in 1940 just before I was born. Other family members
escaped to Brazil, England, and New York via Cuba. Others perished in
Theresienstadt and Auschwitz. I am at a deadend as far as finding
information past my grandparents. Obviously no one is alive to help me.
Can anyone give me tips and/or hints on how to find out anything. I have
found the grave of my ggf in Bratislava and have a picture of it. It is
written in Hebrew. The rabbi in Portland (OR) said the name Siegel was on
it - that does not make sense to me.

Anway, any help on where I can go and what I can do would be greatly

Ellie Carson
Monmouth, OR

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