Torun, Poland (Thorn) #general

Russell Johnson and Sherry Landa <russell.johnson1@...>


I have made a link back to Torun (Thorn) in Poland. I was wondering if
anyone could tell me about the Jews of Torun and whether a Yizkor book has
ever been published for Torun or was there a landsmanschaften?

I am trying to get background. I am wondering why my grandfather's sister
(whose family originated >from Vishtenitz, Lithuania, but who had settled in
Leeds) married a man born in Torun but who was resident in Liverpool from
age 6 months? As we are talking about 1895 as a marriage date, I am
thinking there might have been some reason these two married. I can't
imagine they just happened to meet by chance.

If anyone has any ideas, I would love to hear them.

Best Wishes,
Sherry Landa (in Salford, Lancs)

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