Skulsk area and Konin, Warta, Sompolno, Kolo, Slescin, Wilczyn, etc. #general

SHEILA TOFFELL <toffell@...>

Are you researching a town that is in this general area? I have mentioned
some of the towns, in the hope that, even if these are not one of "your"
towns, they could be close to one that is.
The Skulsk co - op is trying to connect with other Genners with an interest
in the general area. At its height, Skulsk had no more than 300 Jewish
residents.We have a complete list of families found in LDS films in the
JRI - PL data base. Please check out Skulsk to see if any of the names are
in your tree.We also have a list of families that were in Skulsk prior to
WW2, thanks to the memories of current (non Jewish ) residents of Skulsk

We know that many of the Skulsk families married into families from
surrounding towns, and are trying to establish some connections beyond
those >from Skulsk.

For the Skulsk co - op,

Sheila Toffell

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