searching for family circles #general

Eden Laikin <elaikin@...>

My name is Eden Laikin and I work for Newsday on Long Island. I am researching
and writing an feature article on organized "family circles" on LI and in NYC. I
am looking for people who have family circles and would like to be interviewed
for the story.
My own family circle has been in existence nearly 60 years and still meets
once a year. Although enrollment and numbers of meetings have declined over the
years, there is still a core group of family members that pay dues into the
organizarion (for the upkeep of the family grave plots), attend meetings and
share family news, etc. We are an actual organization, with a recording
secretary and all.
So far I have not found anyone else with such an organization still
existing in their family.
If anybody fits the bill and would like to email me, please do so at
thank you.
Eden Laikin

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