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Morton and Esther Cohen <cohenme@...>

I don't recall the original post but it could be when one enters their
data in the Jewish Genealogy Family Finder and obtains a "researcher

On 12 Aug 2000 15:22:05 -0700, sallybru@... (Sally Bruckheimer)
One becomes a researcher by doing research. Check out your relatives to
find out what they know and what is in their attics, read genealogy
books-how to books, go to your local Mormon Library to see what they have
(don't forget to ask about family group sheets and pedigree charts if you
want hand written records), go to the cemetery where your family is buried,
go to city and county hall and get records for your family, get on the
internet and read Jewishgen and other genealogy sites (Jewishgen will tell
you if there is a Jewish genealogical society near you), try different
computer programs for recording information,...and that is off the top of
my head.

Sally Bruckheimer
Buffalo, NY

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