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Actually, equivalent of "blacksmith" in Polish is Kowalski, an extremly
popular Polish surname.

Other blacksmith alternatives: Kowal, Kowalik,Kowalczuk, Kowalczyk, and east
Polish/Russian border variations: Kuzniets, Kuzniecow, and so on.
Tinsmith: Blacharz, Blacharczyk
Silversmith: Srebnik, Srebrenik (Silberstein, Silwer, Silver)

They could also have adopted name of village of their origin: Kowalowice,
Kowalo'w, Kowalik, Kowalin.

One can go on wth the smith variations and speculations as >from what and/or
from where original name could be tranaslated or adopted. Possibilities and
alternatives are virtually limitless.

Hope that this will not bring more confusion.

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AviDov@...> wrote in message news:20.a211bae.26ca3825@......
A branch of our my mother's family,originally >from Poland,was given the
or perhaps opted for it at Ellis Island.
They know it was very difficult to pronounce
but have no idea how it sounded..
One theory is that it may have meant " tinsmith" or "metal worker" in
Polish .
Could that have been " ZIELAZO " or something close to that ?
Another chance is that it actually sounded like SMITH,in which case,what
some of the Polish words or names to fit that possibility ?

They know that siblings of the senior David Smith who went to Canada did
the Smith name,but they lost contact over 75 years ago.

Not much to go on,but always worth an honest try. Abe Nutkis

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