Re: IAJGS NY Conference Attendees 2006 - Final list #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

Here is the final list of Siggers who have asked to be included on
the Austria-Czech attendance list. With such a great turn-out it is
sure to be a success. Please do send in any reports as a posting, or
if you prefer, let me have a few paragraphs each so I can write up a
short report for the SIG.

We wish you all a wonderful conference and thank the organisers for
their splendid work. The programme looks so interesting that many of
us will be most envious that we are not there.

Celia Male {U.K.}
1. Barbara Illner Barrett researching JERUSALEM ILLNER FISCHER,

2. Suzy Boehm researching ABELES & Dolany, Scheratitz,(Vseradice in
Beroun), Kralupy and Dresden; HELLER >from Postoloporty, MORAWETZ from
Roudnice; REITLER >from Klecany; AUSTERLITZ >from Prague & Linz,
Austria; GLUCK >from Vienna & Tarnopol; GEIRINGER & APPELFELD, Vienna.

Attending probably only on Wednesday.

3. Alex Calzareth NY - Webmaster of Austria-Czech SIG - will give a
talk about the Aufbau Indexing project.

4. Fred Davis, Medfield, Mass. Past-President, Jewish Genealogical
Society of Greater Boston researching DEUTSCH >from Stara Dala,
Slovakia; FRIED >from Pribeta, Slovakia & Sturovo, Slovakia & Papa,
Hungary; KIRSMAN/KIRSCHMANN >from Zvolen, Slovakia? and Egerszegpuszta
(Egerszek), Hungary and Vasarhely, Hungary and Nagy Teteny, Hungary
and Vienna, Austria, STEINER >from Darda Csarova also searching for
antecedents of Elsa SPITZER, Vienna - holocaust victim.

5. Anne Feder-Lee; [Hawaii] President of IAJGS

6. Vera Finberg - has ordered microfilms "Ubergetretenen >from 1876 to
1938 with indexing >from 1868-1941" for your perusal. Thank you, Vera

7. Rhea Kantner Frankl - researching FRANKL & JEITELES >from Straz
(Neustadt bei Haid), Weitentrebetitsch, Wallergrun [Bohemia]. Also
looking for DOERNER >from Presov and Arva.

8. Larry Freund - indexing cemeteries in NY and Bohemia

9. Sylvia Fuhrman Nusinov President emerita JGSPBCI, FL. Galician
relatives in Vienna called AWNER and EHRENPREIS

10. Sally Goodman - researching ABELES KIRSCHBAUM NEUSPIEL ROTH
SCHAUER - Vienna and Moravia

11. Gloria Haken - researching PROPPER - 1840?-1880's in Laun, Saaz,
Teplice,Krusovice & Prague and later <1920> in Bubentsch. Also
PROBER-GOLD & ZINGER >from Tarnopol & Vienna.

12. Logan Kleinwaks - presenting paper on searching online
using his website

13. Amira Kohn-Trattner researching KOHN (Prague and Lucenec/
Slovakia), KAFKA (Bohemia), FISCHEL (Vienna/Prague), RAUDNITZ
(Vienna/Prague), KANTUREK (Vienna/Prague)

14. Rolf Lederer - researching SIMON>LEDERER >from Rakonitz

15. Jeffrey Levin, Scarsdale, NY Researching LOWIN/LEVIN, Vienna
attending Sun and Mon only.

16. Sharla Levine - Austria-Czech SIG coordinator

17. Rabbi Avrohom Marmorstein - is willing to help anyone who needs
guidance in NY - reminds you about the resources of the Leo Baeck
Institute and the JTS library. Attending Monday only

18. Fritz Neubauer [Germany] - presenting paper on Genealogical
Information in Memorial Books >from Germany and Austria

19. Gertrude Singer Ogushwitz - researching FISCHL, Arad, Hungary
(now Romania); KONIGSBAUM: Vienna & Hungary; SINGER >from Moravia to
Arad, Hungary, 1730; SPILLER: Hungary; England; Galati, Romania

20. Bob Pachner - looking for his birth family
Kopyczynce and Vienna linked to BRAUNSTEIN/BRONSTEIN/BROWN, NY
and ASCHKENAZY, Vienna

21. Israel Pickholtz [Israel] - mainly Galician interests

22. Linda Rakoff - researching ASCHNER, Vienna

23. Emery Roth - researching EISNER
24. Jane Goldfarb Roth - researching EISNER

25. Florence Schumacher - researching BROD Liben Prague Vienna
26. Judy Segal - mainly researching Hungary/Slovakia

27. Henry Sinai [Israel] researching SINAI - Henry helped cater our
great Israeli Sigger meeting in March, 2006 [Thank you!]

28. Robert Stein - researching HIRSCH/STEIN/LEDERER

29. Judy Kloogman Weinstein researching KLUGMANN, KIMEL, KORNSTEIN,

30. Tom Weiss - presenting paper not directly involved with
Austria-Czech SIG

31. Henry Wellisch [Canada] - presenting a paper on Theresienstadt.

32. Alex Woodle - presenting paper on research in Prague archives.

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