Re: No Spammers Please Explain #general

Herb <hvb@...>

The NOSPAM or other "munging" prevents people/companies from
automatically finding e-mail addresses for their spam mailing lists.

To respond directly, (assuming the e-mail address is otherwise valid),
remove the obvious anti-spam text. For example, in mine on this note,
delete the words "DONTSPAM". Sometimes it's a bit more clever, such as
in JOHN@..., in which case you'd have to "get the lead out".

In some cases, the from: or reply-to: fields are totally unusable, in
which case there should be a readable e-mail address in the text of the
message, possibly as part of the signature. You may still have to do
more than just copy it; for instance, I might have a signature such as:

Herb Van Brink
Los Angeles, CA
h v b at e e p h dot com

Which, again, makes it difficult for spammers to automatically collect
an e-mail address >from the text.

Note that s.g.j [soc.genealogy.jewish = JewishGen Discussion Group]
is a moderated group, and one of its rules is that posters supply
a real name. Unmoderated newsgroups have no such requirement, and
names and addresses are often completely anonymous.

Carol Raspler wrote:

Not all of us are totally computer literate - yet. So for our sake, could
those of you with this "no spam" business in your addresses please tell
us exactly how to contact you when you send a letter to the Discussion
Group? Or am I out of line here?

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