Re: Hebrew/Yiddish original for "Lawrence" #general

Louis Kessler

Roberta Sheps <> wrote:
As far as I know he was buried in Winnipeg,and I have looked at the
Winnipeg listings on the Cemetery Project Disc. His last name was
Cohen, and there are three possible names (Lazar, L. and Lawrence
Earnest- no, really). There's no other information and in particular,
no date that would help me to at least eliminate, and I'm not aware
of any family members in Winnipeg who would know which grave it is.
Unfortunately it was a family that became acculturated very quickly
and the daily use of Hebrew and or Yiddish names disappeared, so I'm
not hopeful that any of my comtemporaries will know.
Contact Winnipeg Jewish Community Council with your query. Latest
address I have (1997) is 370 Hargrave Street, Winnipeg, R3B 2K1,
Manitoba, Canada. Fax (204) 956 0609.

Murray Freedman

No. Contact the Jewish Heritage Centre of Western Canada. Their archivist,
Irma Penn, has access to the Cemetery project photos and a lot of other

Their e-mail address is:
Their website is:

Louis Kessler
Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
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