Re: Zhmud, an area of Lithuania? Where? #general

Alexander Sharon <a.sharon@...>

Zmudz (Zemajtija) is a historical province of the western Lithuania located
between the rivers Niemen, Niewiaz and Windawa. This is one of the main
Lithuanian provinces as oppose to the Lithuania proper (Aukshtota).

Alexander Sharon

<> wrote in message
I am researching the name ZMUDICK, who's members came >from Bykhov,
but, are not listed in the 1861 census, of Jews living in that town....
The name lends itself to the possibility, that the ZMUDICKS came from
the area of Zhumd, which I understand is ( or was) a section within
I would like to investigate any resources in that area, to see if my
family, emigrated >from there to Bykhov, and see if I can find any
genealogical data. If anyone has any knowledge or ideas that they can
impart to me, to help me with my search, I would be delighted.

Doris Becker Geffner
Long Island, N.Y.

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