Three more last-minute conference attendees #austria-czech

Celia Male <celiamale@...>

With barely 36 hours to go, three more Austria-Czech Siggers have
asked to be included on our ever-growing list, which now stands at a
most respectable 35 - ie approx. 5% of our total membership. Herbert
Huebscher is in fact a speaker [on a fascinating DNA genetics topic]
we had not listed before.

If we consider the numbers who met in Israel in Spring and personal
get-togethers - it appears that about 10 percent of members will have
meet each other this year, which is very good going as we are so

Here are the latest Siggers joining our large band:

1. Edna Berkovits {Teaneck, NJ} is hoping to join Siggers for the
Kaffee-Klatsch and/or informal dinner. According to census
information >from the Prague Archive, Edna's great-grandfather
was a baker in Uhersky Ostroh, Moravia.

Edna is researching GRUNSPAN - Uhersky Ostroh, Opava, Vienna. BERENZ
-Assenheim, Boenstadt; WEISBECKER - Fischborn

2. Herbert Huebscher writes: I'm not sure whether I'm a full-fledged
Austria-Czech SIG member. I am >from Austria (Vienna) and do receive
the Austria-Czech SIG digest, etc., and have done a lot of research
on Austrian roots at the IKG. Anyway, I'll be attending the
conference as a presenter of session no. 130 together with Saul
Issroff (Wednesday 1:45 p.m. Westside Ballroom - Salon 1/fifth floor}
dealing with how through DNA we have identified a number of seemingly
disparate families having a common ancestor. I just had a guilty
conscience about your reporting the last up-to-date list of
Austria-Czech SIG members attending, and I had not told you about my
attendance, and my presentation. So now I'm telling you.

3. Sherry Kisos {Petach Tikvah, Israel} - the names that Sherry is
looking for looking for are: FREUD, LANDMANN, BERNSTEIN, HESS,
UHRMACHER and DOBBEK. Sherry says that she has no idea where they
came from, but that some of these people left Europe [for US] as
early as 1850; the later ones came as late as 1885. Each primary
source (Castle Gardens, US Census, etc.) has given Sherry a
"different" geographical entity (Prussia, Germany, Austria...).

Sherry has written that her FREUD are related Sigmund FREUD's family

I think it would now be best to list all the names, 1-35, with no
further details on a ***final-final*** list - I will submit it
tomorrow - as three were obviously missing >from what I assumed was
the final list!

Celia Male [U.K.]

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