Seeking Names of All Jewish American Soldiers Killed in World War One #general

I. Nack <inack@...>

I am currently working on a project to document the names of all
Jewish-American soldiers who were killed in World War One. Approximately
3,000 men fall into this catagory.

If you know the name of any such soldiers I would appreciate receiving the
following information:

Last Name:
First Name:
Home State:
Date of Death:
Burial Location:
Other Relevant Details:

I hope to supplement this information with documents and other information
available >from a variety of archives. I am engaging in this effort for
purely personal reasons which is to ensure that the sacrifices made by
these men are not forgotten. Recently I visited the gravesite of my great
uncle who was one of the 3000 killed and came across a total of 14 other
graves of soldiers near his, all of whom died in WW1 and whose remains were
transferred back to the U.S. for burial in a private Jewish cemetery. A
number of the graves were vandalized and two graves in particular were in
terrible shape - the headstones were virtually unreadable and on the verge
of collapse. All indications are that at least some of these men and their
sacrifices have been all but forgotten - I would like to change this state
of affairs and thus I have decided to undertake this project. What I need
from you all are the names of these men to supplement what I already have
so that as complete a record as possible can be created.

Your assistance would be appreciated and when this project is complete, the
information will be made available for all to use.

Irwin Nack

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