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Dear Celia

I refer to your comment in your posting "Looted art and our Sigger -
AnneWebber" :

"There are many books awaiting restitution in Vienna. It seems from
the books that Richard was very musical and with a great literary
range too."

I lodged several claims with GSF relating to the property and looted assets
of my late step-Grandfather, Dr. Josef Gold, and his family >from Wien 1 and
Baden bie Wien, but really these claims were very general in character as I
had no definite information to base these claims on apart >from their 1938-9
asset lists. However, Josef and his older brother were both lawyers, and
their Father was a 90 year old pensioner, it is very probable that they
would have had books and perhaps some minor works of art, etc., in their
homes in Wien 1 and Baden bei Wien before they fled >from Vienna, which were
not recorded on their asset lists.

Can you please tell me more about there being many books awaiting
restitution in Vienna. I have one photo of Josef taken sitting at his desk
(possibly in his office at his workplace at Sudbahn, or perhaps in the
family apartment >from where his brother, Dr. Hermann Gold ran his legal
practice) and behind him there is a bookcase with rows of books - some of
which may have been legal books. But I am very sure that the family would
have had a library and paintings, silver and other precious family
heirlooms which perhaps they were forced to "sell" in order to get out of

Lorraine Bertelsen
Boho, Downunder

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