Re: Town near Kiev ("Letachev") #general


In his message of 9-6-00 John Zunino wondered what or where his ancestral
town might be, the name of which sounded like "Letachev."

My 1962 Columbia Lippincott Gazetter has a entry for "Letichev," a town
which in 1926 had a population of 7,100. It is in the east Kamenets-
Podolski oblast, on the Southern Bug River, 28 miles east of Proskurov.
It did food processing and cotton milling.

Chester G. Cohen in his Shtetl Finder Gazetteer says that it is southwest
of Kiev and east of Proskurov. There is an article about the town
( probably a brief one), in the Encyclopedia Judaica.

Naomi Fatouros
Bloomington, Indiana

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