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Hello All,

Thank you for your help/responses. This is very new to me and I really
appreciate your patience in simply taking the time to explain.

The letter was written 9 December, 1695, so it is probable that Mr. Meere
was in Jamaica, not London, at the time of the Census. So, he returned to
England/London and apparently presented his letter to Wm. Blathwayt at

In an effort to create a bridge >from the known unknown, here are a some
facts about William Meere. It may not be possible to go back >from Mr.
Meere, but does it seem possible to work back >from William to Mr. Meere?
Jewish records? English parish records? More Blathwayt papers? Other?

William was born abt. 1716 (>from burial listing). Wife Mary was born abt.
1730. So, he may have been married before, but no other children are named
in his will.

Son William baptised Mangotsfield, 1754 (in Gloucester, England). Two
daughters in Westerleigh. Youngest daughter March, 1765 in Dyrham.

Granted a lease to the Crown Inn at Tolldown, abt. 1 mile >from the estate
(Dyrham and Hinton) in 1776. Lease bears a seal of a child's head in red
wax. Worked as a surveyor and was a churchwarden at St. Peter's, Dyrham
(>from estate papers, etc.)

William's burial is 1793, Mangotsfield.

No birth for William and no marriage to Mary has been discovered in over 30
years of searching (most recently all of the original Bristol parishes).

Thanks again.

Marsha Meere Stringer

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