Poland information -- SINGER & CORN #general


I am looking for information regarding my ancestor David Singer born
20 Sep 1893, he Left Poland at the age of 17 in 1913. He came to England
with his uncle Nathan Singer. I am looking for any information that might
help me in my search. I am looking for the addresses of Janowo, I know
they are many of them, but hat I would like to find the addresses for the
nearest locality of them all so that I can write to them.

My other question is my other parental grandparents also came >from Poland
David Corn and my grandmother, the name of my grandmother which the family
are not sure of the spelling is Sprinser. What would the right spelling
be, the same for there surname Corn. I think this might be Kohen, would I
be right in thinking that.

Thank you all in advance for all your help, and I am hoping that I might
strike gold. My grandfather was never naturalised, so I am unable to check
this out

Irene Glover

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