Given Names: Temma, Wichne #general

TomHennie <tomhennie@...>

Dear Genners,
I am always impressed by your analysis of given names. I have two that are
stumping me. What are some other versions of the name Temma? I am
searching a true needle-in-a-haystack with only this given name in the CA
Death Index. All I have to go on in "Temma." Also, what about the female
name "Wichne?" She emigrated >from Lithuania to South Africa where she was
called "Vera." Does anyone know the origin of the name "Wichne?"

Thanks in advance for your help,

Hennie Greenland
Scottsdale AZ

Researching in Siauliai, Lithuania: SCHER, LOPATO, ALSCHWANGER, KUPER,
in Stryy, Ukraine: MOLDAUER in Lesko, Poland: GINSBURG

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