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Edward Rosenbaum <erosenbaum@...>

The Belarus SIG website has had many new links added. Please visit the
website at http://www.jewishgen.org/belarus/ and see what is there. Many
thanks to the Lachowicze research group, and to A.L. Bell.

-Lachowicze Voter List (1905-1907) - contributed by the Lachowicze reserach

-Lachowicze 1883 and 1884 Deputy and Electors Tax Lists - contributed by
the Lachowicze research group

-Notice to Creditors in the Insolvency of Gustav Anton Yazvinsky - by A.L.
Bell. Notice to Creditors in the Insolvency of Gustav Anton Yazvinsky to
appear at a court hearing to be held on 15 November 1870. Printed in Issue
41 of the 1870 Minsk Vedomosti, which was a newspaper published by the
Russian Empire.

-Jews >from Bobruisk in the 1816 Revision List - by A.L. Bell

-July 1853 list >from the Minsk Gubernya - by A.L. Bell. List of persons
subject to service to the Minsk guberniya corporation department at the
Ministry of Internal Affairs.

-February 1860 Minsk Guberniya Fines List - by A.L. Bell

-1860 Minsk Vedomosti Foreign Travel Notices - by A.L. Bell. Here are some
samples of "Departing for the Border" (foreign travel) notices.

-Additions to the Bragin, Rechitsa uyezd, Call-up list - August 1888 - by
A.L. Bell

-Additions to five Minsk Gubernya comminities' conscription lists, October
1888 - by A.L. Bell. Stolpetz, Khojniki, Yurevichi, Kholmech, and Nesvizh

-A June 1893 debtors list >from the Minsk Gubernya - by A.L. Bell.

-An 1893 call-up notice for Jews in the Minsk district - by A.L. Bell

-August 1876 Minsk Gubernya Draft Notice - by A.L. Bell

-A List of 337 Jewish draft evaders >from Nesvizh - by A.L. Bell

-Minsk Vedomosti notices concerning the Shneersons of Lubavitch - by A.L.

-Selected records for people who might be A.L. Bell's relatives - by A.L.

-Edward Rosenbaum
Belarus SIG webmaster

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