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Jean-Pierre Stroweis

Abby Pariser asked :

  In Lyon, France, the Museum of the Resistance, has huge book listing the 71,000+ Jews deported from Lyon in World War II.  I found 5 of my Pariser family that I had no idea about before this. 

  Are there other French cities with similar books listing the Jews, the "Juifs," deported to the camps?


There were about 6,000 Jews deported from Lyon and its prefectoral area during World War II, not 71,000. Altogether, from the entire France were deported around 76,000 Jews, and, counting those who died in internment camps in France and those who were executed in France, this amounts to around 79,000 persons with about 3950 survivors in 1945.


Regarding the specific question, a Memorial Book to the Jews deported from France was first published in 1978 by Serge Klarsfeld. The latest printed version of this Memorial is from 2012. Since then, I maintain a free, searchable version of this Memorial online, at   including corrections and additions. With this tool, it is possible to get the lists of the deportees who were born in a specific town or region, or those whose last address was in a specific town or departement, those who were sent to a given internment camp in France on their way to the concentration and extermination camps, or any combination between these criteria.


Regarding Lyon, a Memorial to these Jews deported from Lyon and around is about to be erected at one of the Jewish cemeteries of Lyon.


Jean-Pierre Stroweis


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