Seeking Sefardim in Lithuania -- and Belarus! #general

Schelly Dardashti <dardasht@...>

To all Genners:
In reference to Ann Rabinowitz's recent post concerning
Sefardim in Lithuania, and specifically in Kupiskis, Lithuania, I
am asking others who may be on the JewishGen list, Sefard Forum
or Belarus Digest to let me know, as well as the Jewish
genealogical community, about their Sefardic-origin families who
settled in Belarus.
Previously, I did find a number of families of Sefardic
origin centered in Mogilev, my main area of research, and I am
sure there are others. Unfortunately, I do not have these files
in Tel Aviv, nor the list of those who had initially contacted
me. I am trying to reconstruct this research. I am hoping that
many more families may have discovered a Sefardic connection
since the original discussion.
If your family has maintained knowledge of its Sefardic
origin, particularly in those who settled in Belarus (and who may
later moved to St. Petersburg, Moscow, Minsk, etc.), please let
me know.
Sefardim reached Lithuania, the Kiev community was known
(as well as that of Cracow, Poland), we know about the Sefardim
of the Crimea, the Bukharan Jewish community, and the Minsk
archives mention 17th century Jews >from Tabriz (Azerbaijan, Iran)
in that city. Therefore, the presence of descendents of Sefardim
in other areas of the Russian Empire (and into modern times) is
more than mere speculation.
These origins may be spoken of in your families with such
comments as "But we don't believe the story," or "we were
Yiddish-speaking Ashkenazi Jews in Belarus, how could we be from
Spain, even if our ancestors told us so," etc.
We were only told that "This was our name when we left

Best regards,
Schelly Talalay Dardashti
Tel Aviv

TALALAY-TALALAI-TOLOLAI,and mispelled TOLLABAIE!(Mogilev/Chausy/Gorki/
Minsk/Baranovich, BEL;Chernigov/more, UKR; St.Petersburg/Moscow/
Novosbirsk, RUS; Baku,Azerbaijan etc. Changed to: TOLLIN, TALLIN, TOLIN,
TAL,TALL,TAYLOR,TOLIN,FEINSTEIN,etc. Original destinations (1880s-1920s)
New York City, Newark,NJ; Springfield/Boston,MA; Cleveland,OH;Philadelphia
PA; Windsor/Toronto, Ont.,Canada;Berlin/other,Germany, London and Israel

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