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Would you settle with Vorontsovka [voh rohn tsoh fkah] ?
North of Odessa, close to Nikolayev, right on the Dniester River,
probably plenty of good fishing.

Shana Tovah

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"robert.gleek" <robert.gleek@...> wrote:

Here's the challenge of a lifetime!
I am trying to locate the whereabouts of a little village called
Voromzowska (nearest big city: Odessa)
The information I have been given doesn't add up though.
I have been through books, Russian website and even maps (!)
- without any luck.
It has been described by the only person left who can remember as:
"We lived by a mill in a little village on the Dniester River which was
called something like 'Voromzowska'.
It was located where an imaginary line crosses the river between
Jerson-on-the-Don (Herson) and Nikolaiev."
If you have ever heard of it, please help!

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